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SOHU: In SOHU webpage, we have also started a Most Popular voting based on the Paeksang Award, everyday your fans will vote and post message, it has become a “war” between yourself and Song Seung Hun, any comment about this? Say something to your fans who has been supporting you all these while.
Lee Jun Gi: Song Seung Hun is one of the senior whom I’ve liked very much, although we are not very familiar with each other, but I do hope that we can both achieve good results. But actually whether getting the award or not is not that important, if in future there is a chance to partner with Song Seung Hun in a good piece of work, that would be the best.

SOHU: Do you have “hero complex”, prefer to go for heroic role when choosing a script? What kind of work you would like to act in? Would you go for pure romance work?
Lee Jun Gi: Hmm… At first I would like to say that I have less favour for those softer plot work, such as romance and etc. It doesn’t mean that these kind of work is easier to manage. But I would prefer something which has more content, that way I can portrait more of my acting to the audience, it would be the direction which I personally would like to work towards to.

SOHU: Will you reconsider on the limit of acting keeping your fans’ reaction in mind?
Lee Jun Gi: (Laughing out loud) No, I won’t do that. And furthermore as of now I have come across such piece of work yet, even if I do come across such situation, if it is required by the plot, I will give my all for it. After all, I would want to show the best of me to everyone. But, (laugh), is there any anticipation out there?

SOHU: You used to say you only wanted to be an actor, but now you are producing album, what makes you change your mind?
Lee Jun Gi: Actually it is not a change of mind, it’s just that when I am just a rookie, I should be concentrating in acting only, and being recognised by my acting skills, hence I don’t have much left to consider about singing. But I am still young, and I have more than my acting skills to present to everyone, singing can be seen as a way to further extend my performing roadmap. I don’t wish to limit myself to a small area, also during overseas events, it would be better to have more to “show” than only my acting skills.

SOHU: What do you think about your singing skills?
Lee Jun Gi: Comparing to professional singer, I have nothing special, being a singer or an actor, one must really work hard to achieve success, the say of becoming a good singer or actor is a simple job would not be pleasant to anyone. Just like I’ve said, being a singer is to extend my performance roadmap, but because I myself liked music a lot too, hence I will treat this seriously.

SOHU: You are good in rap? Love song? Or…?
Lee Jun Gi: Hmm… This can’t be decided, just like my acting, I like different type of challenges.

SOHU: Fans thought that dark black hair suits you better, but seems like you like to dye your hair, is it so?
Lee Jun Gi: Actually when I am not working or during resting, I will mostly dye my hair, may be it’s just a way to change the mood. But I personally preferred dark hair.

SOHU: What must you bring when you are away from home? Handphone? Computer?
Lee Jun Gi: I will be very upset if I cannot surf net, and also I liked online shopping a lot, hence I must have computer with me.

SOHU: Fans has posted that you could be a diplomat when you don’t want to be an actor, what do you think?
Lee Jun Gi: Oh.. diplomats, that would be cool. If I were to be a diplomat, I would work hard in that area too, by that time, I should be really good in Chinese… English… But I would feel that being an actor or a singer, we are also “diplomat” as we introduces the Korean culture to people around the world too. If in future I really do become a diplomat as said by the fans, I am sure my current acting career will helped a lot. Because both are dealing with people.

SOHU: Although 28 now, but you don’t look that age, what is the secret of being young?
Lee Jun Gi: (Touching his face) First of all I would like to say that I don’t any secret to keep youth. As long as I’ve rested enough, I will feel rejuvenated, and didn’t go for any special treatment, that would be too troublesome.

SOHU: Previously heard that you planned to serve the army by this year, and you did mentioned that might as well go early so that you can come back soon, and this has impressed a lot of people. Any actual plan on when to serve the army?
Lee Jun Gi: As of now haven’t confirm, I will go for it when the time is right.

SOHU: Will you chase after drama when you have nothing to do at home? Are you watching drama made in US, Japan, Taiwan or Hong Kong? When watching these drama, will you be studying the acting of the actors?
Lee Jun Gi: Yes, I will watch both drama and movie. Sometimes I spent more than 8 hours to watch movies, dramas, or even good clips from the internet.

SOHU: Any plan to come to China for Fan Meeting this year? Estimated when?
Lee Jun Gi: There is such a proposal now, but which city, when will the event be held is not yet finalised. Once everything is confirmed, I will inform everyone. Please bear with us for the meantime.

SOHU: Fans from all around the world has done charity work because of you, can you feel it? What is you comment?
Lee Jun Gi: Seeing that my fans took the lead in charity act really touches me and I am happy about it, I would want to participate as well, so I am also having plans of charity event which my fans can join in. Hope that it will come true.

SOHU: Last of all, say something to your China fans.
Lee Jun Gi: Hello everyone from China! (Waving the stuffed fox to say hi) It has been a while since I have greeted everyone personally, the last time would be last year already, it really is quite long ago. Soon, I will be back with good drama, and I also hope that I can hold a fan meeting in China, so that I can meet with you all. If there is a chance for some charity act, that would be even better. Please continue to support me as always, must stay healthy! (Smile and wave good bye)
Credit as tagged, source : http://www.leejoongimsiafamily.com/index.php?showtopic=221


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