11.09.01 KFN 57th Anniversary of Broadcast

11.09.05 National Defense Radar 365 on KFN 57th Anni. of Broadcast

11.09.19~25 Visit to LA with Military Symphony Orchestra

11.09.21 Emcee for Korean National Symphony Orchestra Concert

11.09.22 Emcee for Opening Concert at 38th LAKF

11.09.23 Emcee for Grace Korean Church Performance

11.09.24 Live conversation & Autograph Session

Photos by Milly & Sonatina

11.09.25 USS Midway Aircraft Carrier 

Photos by Milly & Sonatina

11.09.30 Consolatory Train 50th Anniversary Special

11.09.31 Andy s Discharge

Busy Squad Leader Lee Jun Gi In The Month of October

 11.10.01~04 Hallyu Concert for Korea & Indonesia week

11.10.08 CT at Chuncheon

11.10.11 CT

11.10.13 CT at Army Mechanical School

11.10.15 The 8th Korea Defense Daily Comrade Marathon

11.10.18 CT

11.10.19 Ministry of National Defence Military Band Concert

111020 CT

11.10.22 3rd UN Veterans Memorial Concert

11.10.25 4th Military Music Festival

11.10.28 CT

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